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Guide and Short History by Wayne Jayes

Guide and Short History by Wayne Jayes

The Rector and Churchwardens of the Parish of Maidstone have published a guide to, and short history of, All Saints’ Church in Maidstone. The book is a guide to the details of the architecture and furnishings of the building and how they were influenced by well-known artists such as Mary Stainbank, Wilgie Vann-Hall and Gwelo Goodman. The section on the history of the church discusses the establishment of the church, which was a consequence of the growth of the sugar industry in Tongaat in the 1930s. Changes in the sugar industry in the 1990s again dramatically affected the life of the church. The church was on the brink of closure, but by the faithful service of a small group of lay people the church was rescued, and it now prospers in the 21st century. How the church fares in future will be influenced by amongst other things the declining fortunes of the Tongaat Sugar company, but with faith and perseverance we trust it will flourish.

This 136-page book in A6 format will be printed in colour and hand bound with hard covers. It is priced at R200 per copy excluding postage. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the parish. Please contact wayne@allsaintstongaat.orgto purchase a copy.